Milton's Paradise Lost looks creepily like the anti-Trump Resistance movement

The seventeenth-century English Puritan John Milton provides in his great imaginative work Paradise Lost an apt and relevant perspective on the epic battle taking place among political rivals around the Beltway.  The first book of Paradise Lost (there are twelve) presents the old story from the biblical book of Genesis of man's fall and his subsequent ejection from Paradise.  After losing a power struggle, Satan, along with his legions of rebellious angels, is given the heave-ho from Heaven into the outer darkness that Milton calls Hell.  From the depths of disfavor and disgrace, Satan then conspires with these angels to manufacture a grand scheme of revenge.  In today's context of the 2016 presidential election and its aftermath that brought Republicans into power and turned Democrats out, that synopsis of Milton's epic poem makes allegorical sense. Cast out, Satan is thunderstruck and wanders about in a state of...(Read Full Post)
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