Male tops U of Montana's women's cross-country team

For those who haven't been following, here's an update on the University of Montana women's cross-country team member "June" Eastwood, formerly known as Jonathan.  Not surprisingly, he has fared quite well against his weaker and slower female competitors this season, finishing first at the U of Montana's Invitational and second (by one second!) at the most recent Bronco Invitational.  But that's only to be expected, seeing that he was a top runner (see men's 5,000-meter results) for the U of M Grizzlie's men X-C and track and field teams as recently as 2017.  I have the sneaking suspicion that his latest second-place finish was due to him "letting off the gas" toward the end of the race, seeking to minimize the negative publicity his winning yet again would have garnered, along with the outrage his female opponents must feel in having a male win every race against...(Read Full Post)
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