Legalize prostitution? Even some conservatives argue for it, and they are wrong

There is an annoying form of opinion writing that conservatives wise enough to live outside the Acela Corridor are acutely aware of.  It's usually produced by fellow travelers of the center-right, though it's unclear how versed in or dedicated they are to the disposition that is conservatism. I call examples of this commentary "get over it, bigot" pieces.  Articles written in the sneering style are composed by preening authors anxious to be viewed as reasonable by the Left.  In pushing conservatives to drop their opposition to nontraditional policies, these moralists compose aggiornamentos for conservatism by making it indistinguishable from a less permissive liberalism. The latest in this series of polemics comes from Brad Palumbo of the Washington Examiner.  In "Conservatives should make peace with the complete decriminalization of prostitution," Palumbo beseeches...(Read Full Post)
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