Kamala Harris, campaigning in Iowa, tells 'em to 'learn to code'

California presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris has been campaigning in Iowa and apparently been telling the local poli-sci majors to "learn to code." Here's a tweet of a tweet.  There is no news item because, apparently, Harris has slipped so far in the polls that even her adoring press is not covering her: does... does Kamala know how to code? https://t.co/jhGbiiiALq — i’m the rice president (@rice_prez) October 9, 2019 The scene is a beauty parlor, so it may well be that she told one of its Millennial denizens upset at her low-skill job after graduating from college with a useless major to learn code if she wants a better-paying job. The problem, of course, is that it's a dismissive sort of advice to throw out to someone who might just be unsuited to learning code and, in any case, clearly had dreams of doing something else.  It also suggests she's opaque to the backstory...(Read Full Post)
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