Kamala campaign death throes as she blames racist and sexist Dem voters

Kamala Harris's presidential campaign is collapsing, as she has proven herself to be a phony hypocrite, willing to say anything to pander, and unable to win support from the voters and donors who know her best: those in California. Politico reports on the signs of impending death for the campaign: Kamala Harris is dramatically restructuring her campaign by redeploying staffers to Iowa and laying off dozens of aides at her Baltimore headquarters, according to campaign sources and a memo obtained Wednesday by POLITICO, as she struggles to resuscitate her beleaguered presidential bid. The moves come as Harris is hemorrhaging cash and in danger of lacking the resources to mount a competitive bid against better-funded rivals in Iowa. The overhaul will touch nearly every facet of Harris' operation, with layoffs or re-deployments coming at headquarters, as well as in New Hampshire, Nevada and her home state of California, a Super Tuesday prize that her advisers...(Read Full Post)
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