In Louisiana, gubernatorial race sees huge GOP turnout

A few weeks ago, the punditocracy told us not to read too much into the Republican victories in small special elections. They were "flukes."  They were no weathervane for the 2020 general election.  In fact, these Democrat losses were actually "good news," according to Our Betters at the Washington Post. Well, now we have this, which is a little more indicative for 2020 and a little closer to the Big Day in Louisiana's gubernatorial election: Early voting in the October 12 "jungle primary" between incumbent Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, and two Republican candidates ended on Saturday, and the turnout is massive, particularly among Republicans and Independents. "As of last night, 374,190 Louisianians either early voted by person or by mail in ballot (340,480 in person, and 33,710 mail in ballots). To put this number in perspective, this is the highest early voting turnout EVER for a...(Read Full Post)
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