Impeachment-obsessed Dems have nothing to offer but bread and circuses

Granted, the Democrats' knight in shining armor has arrived in the form of the tentative impeachment they've been dreaming about since 2016.  The tables have turned, and their comeback seems closer than ever. The good news is, there's a major chink in the armor.  New Jersey Democrat Representative Jeff Van Drew plans to vote against today's resolution to formalize the inquiry.  The reason?  "We spent a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of energy, unable to get an awful lot of things done that I think I would have loved to see because of it[.]"  This grievance nearly hits the nail on the head, but there's just one problem.  The stagnation has naught to do with impeachment fever and everything to do with the inability of Democrats to lay out something that even resembles an agenda for what they stand for in 2020. With all of their candidates going to pot (one literally, by the name of...(Read Full Post)
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