How impeachment works: A Clinton impeachment veteran lays it out

Chairman Adam Schiff is the current personification of the adage that lying liars lie.  Unfortunately for him and his Democrat caucus, he isn't very good at it.  His lying to the American people lacks the great panache of a Bill Clinton, so he isn't even entertaining.  Instead, he has essentially channeled the second "two for the price of one" Clinton, Hillary Clinton to be exact, in lying, with the same boring, sanctimonious pomposity that makes Clinton so unappealing. The other well known adage not yet faced by House Democrats is the fact that it is not against the law to lie to the press or fellow citizens, but it is most definitely against the law to lie to Department of Justice officials, including FBI special agents and all members of the House and Senate and their staff. If the Democrat leadership pursues the impeachment of President Trump and votes out articles of impeachment, evidence will be...(Read Full Post)
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