How DC bureaucrats want to jack up the cost of booze

People can argue whether the best wine is made in California or New York.  We can argue about whether the best whiskey is made in Kentucky or Tennessee.  But one thing is for sure: nothing worthwhile is added when bottles are dragged through a swamp. Unfortunately, some swamp creatures have taken it upon themselves to interfere in the country's alcohol markets, and they are driving up prices by slapping on regulations imposed in Washington. This is exactly the opposite of what President Trump wants. His administration is supposed to be working to make American spirits and wine more price-competitive with the rest of the world.  For example, it recently announced that, at the end of October, it will impose $7.5 billion in new tariffs, including on Scotch whiskey and French wine, to make American-made distilled spirits more competitive and pressure other countries to drop their duties.  However, unelected bureaucrats are working to...(Read Full Post)
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