Horrible: China moves to harvesting organs from live and unwilling donors

As if starvation, the Cultural Revolution, and then infanticide, the laogai, the social credit system and sex-selection abortions were not enough, here's the latest from our trading partners the Chinese: China is now harvesting the organs of political prisoners of conscience on a wide scale for medical transplants against their will - and with the unwilling 'donors' still alive. According to an important Fox News report: It's the stuff of nightmares. And it has been buried from public view, hard to prove, and shrouded beneath the cloak of silence for almost two decades. But anecdotes and evidence are slowly bubbling to the surface that the organs of members of marginalized groups detained in Chinese prisons and labor camps are unwillingly harvested. Most affected is a spiritual minority, the Falun Gong, who have been persecuted for adhering to a Buddhist-centric religious philosophy grounded in meditation and compassion. After 12 months of...(Read Full Post)
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