Has Elizabeth Warren made Mark Zuckerberg her whipping boy?

Last night in San Diego, Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, making her left-populist spiel against a sort of vaguely defined "corruption," came out with a surprisingly strong dig aimed at Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.  This local CBS report has it:  It was obviously in response to remarks Zuckerberg made in a leaked video of a company meeting a few days ago, where he indicated concern — and a will to fight off — Warren's vow to break up big tech. What made Warren's remark leap out is the context of the rest of her remarks — careful, polished, determined not to appear to be an extremist, saying nothing otherwise controversial, focusing on her personal story at the start, and sugarcoating her extreme-left proposals in a language of caring for everyone's dignity.  This report from the San Diego Union-Tribune is neutral and accurate, so far as it goes. But...(Read Full Post)
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