Happy Halloween, Argentina!

In one of the more ghoully stories of the week, Argentina's voters opted to slip back to hellhole status by re-electing far-left socialist Cristina Fernández Kirchner as their new Evita, vice president–style this time.  Again.  And no one thinks she's really going to be the vice president anyway.  Her president is a placeholder.  The second socialist coming is now in the country. The Wall Street Journal reports this: BUENOS AIRES — Argentina's once-disgraced nationalist Peronist movement was voted back into power on Sunday as voters grappling with an economic crisis rejected President Mauricio Macri's austerity policies, ending the country's experiment with policies Wall Street had supported. Alberto Fernández, a Peronist veteran, got 48% support in a vote that has far-reaching consequences for international creditors and the future of a South American trade agreement with the...(Read Full Post)
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