Facebook and monitoring political ads for the truth

Democrats were ripping into Mark Zuckerberg yesterday for not policing political ads for the truth.  Politico headlined, "Democrats torch Zuckerberg for 5 hours." [T]he committee's Democrats repeatedly lambasted Facebook for allowing politicians to lie in political ads without facing fact-checking — a policy that has drawn the ire of top 2020 contenders including Warren and Joe Biden, himself the subject of a misleading attack ad from the Trump campaign. The Democrats should be careful what they wish for. If they really want fact-checking, here's a start: Every time a Democrat mentions Russians and collusion with Trump, that is a lie. Every time a Democrat mentions what Trump said in Charlottesville, he is lying. Every time the Democrats talk about Ferguson and state or imply that it is "hands up, don't shoot" or a murder, they are lying. Every time Democrats say something they are proposing is free, they...(Read Full Post)
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