Even Saturday Night Live is starting to find the Democrats ridiculous

There's all kinds of material Saturday Night live might pick for its cold open, so it says something that they've had about enough of the phony Democrats in their extremely embarassing town halls to find them rich, rich material. They featured this week in the cold-open skit, which began with a reenactment of the LGBTQ town hall the Democrats conducted with Anderson Cooper as host, finding plenty of things to make fun of. They began with the last scrum of Democrats remaining in the race (reinforcing that Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders have descended into a nothingburger, though maybe they wanted to protect Bernie), with Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, Julian Castro and Joe Biden the clowns and phonies obviously pandering for the gay vote, which of course is what they did earlier this week. Booker is portrayed as the suck-up that he is, trying to make hay with gays on the tiniest of details. "My...(Read Full Post)
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