Doesn't every congressional Democrat get naked with the interns like Katie Hill?

What's a disgusting sex predator like far-left Democrat Rep. Katie Hill doing in Congress? Naked pictures of the congresswoman, who's on Rep. Adam Schiff's impeach-Trump committee, have turned up, first at RedState, and now beyond, showing Hill sitting there with her giant naked thighs spread out, buck naked in some hotel room, stroking her very, very young, submissive female staffer's hair like an alpha orangutan.  It was a picture that must have been taken by someone else, perhaps the man, legislative director Graham Kelly, in the reported Hill "throuple" relationship, (we get to learn so many new words with these freshman Democrats), or else her husband, who's also reported to be a member of the "throuple."  Who knows?  Maybe it was four of them. Hill is trying to call it an invasion of privacy and says she's got the cops investigating. She's married, but she had this piece...(Read Full Post)
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