Democrats make themselves the party of George W. Bush

President George Bush's name came up once during the Democratic debate, in context of his recent ballgame appearance with leftist television host Ellen DeGeneres, which drew some criticism based on how dumb it was. Where Bush's ghost really came up, though, but not with his name, was in Democrats blasting President Trump for pulling U.S. troops out of the Middle East. Democrats, with the exception of insignificant Tulsi Gabbard, all adopted the Bush position of endless wars for the sake of other nations.  Keeping our word.  Loyalty.  Cut and run.  Democracy in every beating heart of every nation or whatever.  It all pretty much came up. How things change. Here's Joe Biden: "It's been the most shameful thing any president has done in modern history in terms of foreign policy," former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. said. Here's Pete...(Read Full Post)
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