Black accent? Joe Biden goes Hillary Clinton one better and claims he went to black college

Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden is taking pandering to new heights, all in pursuit of black votes. Instead of just slapping on a black accent like a set of false teeth, the way Hillary Clinton did last week for a significantly black audience, Biden decided to claim he actually went to a historically black college, which he didn't. Here's the video, retweeted with suitable scorn by Don Trump, Jr.   Minor problem... Joe Biden didn’t go there! #QuidProJoe can’t even remember where he went to college. Enough is enough with this charade of a campaign. — Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) October 26, 2019   Here's his real academic record, courtesy of Wikipedia: He earned his bachelor's in 1965 from the University of Delaware, with a double major in history and political science,[24] graduating with a class rank of 506 out of...(Read Full Post)
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