Biden's toast โ€” and the big-bucks Dem donors know it

Joe Biden never had a chance to win the Democrats' presidential nomination, and I said so a week and a half after he announced his candidacy.  He's just too stupid and too corrupt (even for a Democrat), no matter how much name recognition he has and how much he appropriates the fondness many Democrats have for Barack Obama.  Those factors were enough to inflate his polls for a while, but not enough to carry him over the finish line next summer in the Milwaukee convention, much less into the Oval Office. It took a couple months, but the big-bucks donors came to understand this, and they abandoned him, leaving his campaign stuck in spending too much money to raise money, and depleting his cash reserves, also known as the law of diminishing returns. Sam Stein of the Daily Beast reports: Joe Biden's presidential campaign is bleeding cash. And a big reason why appears to be an antiquated, higher-end approach to electoral...(Read Full Post)
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