Becoming what we fear and hate

"We become what we hate" is an old yoga maxim.  I would extend this expression to include fear, because it isn't just hatred that drives certain actions; fear does as well.  Fear and hate are two points on a continuum.  It seems we hate what we fear, implying we must feel fear first.  If one accepts that premise, we progress toward a paradox of opposites, where we first become what we fear and then become what we hate, a phenomenology in which it is part and parcel of the very nature of passionate conflict to turn one into his own enemy. Supposed anti-fascist forces utilize fascist tactics in their fights.  People decry others as Nazis while imitating Nazi methods.  Corrupt politicians fight corruption with corrupt practices.  People think the path to non-discrimination is through targeted discrimination, and the most effective way to secure individual freedom is to initiate total control over the...(Read Full Post)
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