Andy Cuomo destroys New York business

Andy Cuomo's corporate cronyistic schemes continue to sabotage the Empire State's economic standing. A new report released by the Tax Foundation brings to light what struggling businesses in N.Y. have known for quite some time: that confiscatory tax rates, along with Cuomo's penchant for giving great gobs of taxpayer money to favored but dubiously feasible projects, have a deleterious effect on existing businesses ability to remain viable. The group ranked New York 49th overall in business climate, 48th for individual taxes, 43rd in sales taxes, 13th in corporate taxes, 46th for property taxes, and 38th for unemployment insurance taxes.  Obviously, business leaders in New York are painfully aware of this situation. The state's business groups weren't necessarily surprised.  'New York again ranking near the bottom nationally in terms of its business tax burden is the latest reminder...(Read Full Post)
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