California legalizes eating roadkill

Awash in feces, blackouts, wildfires, opioids, junkyard highways, homelessness, illegals, measles, typhus, and leprosy, California's one-party blue Legislature and its far-left governor have nevertheless gotten around to the important things. According to Fox News: California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill last weekend, making it legal to cook and eat roadkill, according to several reports. The "roadkill bill," (Senate Bill 395) which goes into effect in 2022, will allow people to salvage and eat animals they unintentionally hit or find on the road in the state, KCAL-TV reported. Those wanting to eat the roadkill would need to obtain a salvage permit in exchange for information about the animal, where and how it was killed in an effort to eliminate waste of carcasses and to better understand how to make roads safer for drivers and animals. It's almost as if they're "gifting" the homelessness with this...(Read Full Post)
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