Alarmist over-reach

For over 15 years, the global warmists have become progressively more outspoken with their scare stories and less careful with facts and science. But their latest tactics of promoting Extinction Hellions and exploiting a teenage Swedish doomsayer represent alarmist overreach. Ordinary people are becoming suspicious: "If their science is sound, why do they resort to media scare stories, traffic disruption, street rebellions, school truants, religious zealots, and academic purging?" We are close to the peak of this global warming madness.  Their models and forecasts have failed, and consumers suffer soaring electricity cost and blackouts while tenured academics produce play-school plans for 100% "green" power. Climate sense is finally starting to ooze through the cracks in the stone wall built to keep skeptics out of the flimsy marquee that shelters the warming nobility. It is downhill from here for the alarmists and bad news for their...(Read Full Post)
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