Oklahoma AG that successfully sued Johnson & Johnson slurs the wrong company

The Great State of Oklahoma wanted a scapegoat to blame for the large number of its residents who have abused opioid drugs and suffered injuries and deaths.  The state's attorney general, Mike Hunter, could not resist taking populist cheap shots at the defendant the state sued, Johnson & Johnson, by repeatedly referring to it as "a family company" in court filings. Just one problem: J&J of New Brunswick, N.J. is not in any sense a "family company"; it is a publicly held global giant.  That slogan, "a family company," is extensively used by S.C. Johnson of Racine, Wisconsin, better known to the public as "Johnson's Wax."  Now, to some people, all Johnsons look alike, I guess, but the two companies have nothing to do with each other. With the avalanche of publicity that followed the huge verdict of $572 million for one year's worth of damages, the number of sarcastic public references to...(Read Full Post)
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