House Dems unanimously vote to add transgenders to Civil Rights Act of 1964 protections

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 has been turned on its head, at least among the Democratic Caucus of the House of Representatives.  That landmark legislation added real teeth to the enforcement of equal rights for African-Americans, and setting off a revolution in race relations, bringing about complete legal equality.  I wonder how African-Americans feel about their law (yes, it is their law, created to address their issues) being applied to people who want to be the other sex. Now House Democrats — without a single voice of dissent, and with eight Republicans' support — have voted to treat males who think they ought to be women and women who think they ought to be men as a protected class under that law, opening the door to litigation and heavy damages, with attorneys' fees paid by the loser; court orders; DoJ prosecutions; and a whole host of severe enforcement measures against anyone who dissents. Because people can...(Read Full Post)
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