Ocasio-Cortez can’t justify appearing with antisemites at women’s march, resorts to double-talk

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is well-accustomed to evading hard questions, spouting nonsense, and getting away with it because she’s young, cute, and sports a minority identity. Certainly, nobody in the Trump-hating mainstream media is going to push her hard. Yesterday, when questioned at the women’s march where Linda Sarsour spoke supporting the antisemitic BDS movement, the Bronx congresswoman completely evaded a question about the antisemitism on evidence among the speakers. Instead, the answered that it was “absolutely valid” to worry about antisemitism in the Trump administration. She went on to offer a word salad as empty as her own head, expressing the solidarity of marches with everything nice.   WATCH: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez addresses question about those with concerns about anti-Semitism within the Women's March groups. https://t.co/qxhHH5CLXR pic.twitter.com/0B90LAZ186 — The Hill (@thehill) January 19,...(Read Full Post)
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