Pat Condell is back, after YouTube censors his latest video

Pat Condell's latest video commentary, "A word to the criminal migrant," has been deleted from his YouTube channel by the censors at its San Bruno headquarters.  It is not the first time the Google subsidiary has pulled one of his videos, despite the more than 300,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel.  Perhaps the YouTubers, as they call themselves, ought to take a deep breath and plunge down the slide the company thoughtfully has provided in its lavish headquarters in order to find some intestinal fortitude. While they think it over, they should consider that they have competition, and thanks to Vimeo, Condell's pointed, commonsense commentary is available to free thinkers.  YouTube's near monopoly is not invincible.  Throwing away such a commanding market position by alienating a substantial segment of the public is stupid. If you've never watched one of Condell's videos, you are in for a...(Read Full Post)