Media meltdown coming over black Trump supporter stomping on KKK hood-wearing protestor?

What’s a good progressive to do? Two articles of the progressive faith are in conflict in the latest incident of “violence at a Trump rally.” Yesterday afternoon in a Tucson Trump rally, a protestor wore a KKK hood, and encountered an African American Trump supporter who was not amused, and who proceeded to stomp on him and get arrested. VIOLENCE at another Donald Trump rally, this time in Tucson, AZ. Man hits and kicks protester: — Frank Thorp V (@frankthorpNBC) March 19, 2016   Now, while it always true (to the prog faithful) that when leftists use violence against a Trump rally it is Trump’s fault, there is also the strong belief that ordinary rules of conduct do not apply to black people reacting to either the n-word or the KKK. The easy and obvious solution is to simply report that “a protestor was assaulted at a Trump rally” and leave out any further details. But as the video shows, the...(Read Full Post)