Journalists Work to Divide, Not Inform

As a young journalist starting out many years ago, I was proud to join a profession where so many men and women had distinguished themselves through honest, thorough investigations, entertaining features, and excellence in writing. But for a long while, I’ve been depressed to see much of the press openly working as political operatives. Objectivity in reporting was always impossible, but at least it used to be discussed as a goal. Now journalists boast of their advocacy journalism for an increasingly leftist agenda.     Former CBS reporter Bernard Goldberg chronicled the media’s slanting of the news in the first of his bestselling books, Bias. A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News (2002) and has continued to document the trend ever since. Now that bias has swung to the radical left, the media increasingly damage their own credibility. Even Rolling Stone -- which abhors the president -- has published a piece titled, “The American Press...(Read Full Article)
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