California Seeks to Eliminate SATs and ACTs... and it’s a Good Thing

Under consideration in California’s higher education system is the permanent removal of SAT and ACT scores from its admission requirements. The battle lines of the debate are forming as quickly as they are hardening. At stake is nothing less than the choice between two different visions of the future of higher education in America, for what begins in California seldom ends there. The right end of the political continuum charges that this is a continuing attempt by the higher education elites to thwart the decision of California voters who supported Proposition 209, which terminated the racial and ethnic preference system in admissions to California’s elite public universities. The left end of the political continuum argues that standardized tests are too reflective of socioeconomic status and ignore the hurdles that minorities have to overcome to gain access to the best tax-supported universities. The Right sees itself as defending against a growing...(Read Full Article)
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