When Should Trump Restart the Economy?

As the world shudders into Easter and the death toll on the China virus continues to rise, the question is: should we quarantine or should we restart the economy before the shutdown kills us? Or, more exactly, when should President Trump brave the sneers of the White House press corpse and proclaim that America is Back? The answer, I think, is pretty clear. It will be midway between the point where only crazed libertarians propose a return to work and the point where Nancy Pelosi would announce that she is appointing a House Select Committee to investigate Trump’s criminal delay in restarting the economy. In other words, effective political leadership is tricky. To illustrate this, think about January. That was the month when the bureaucratic experts at the WHO were issuing scientific pronouncements that the virus did not propagate from human to human. It was the month when Sen. Tom Cotton went to the White House to get the president to get serious about the disease....(Read Full Article)
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