Todd McMurtry Challenges Thomas Massie in Kentucky

Todd McMurtry is running in Kentucky's Fourth Congressional District Republican primary against Thomas Massie, the essence of the swamp.  Todd has been a practicing attorney for twenty-eight years.  Last year he was voted one of the top fifty attorneys out of a pool of 20,000 by licensed members of the bar. People might know him from one of his most recent cases: defending Nick Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School student, against CNN.  The initial video released made it appear that the students had triggered the incident, which led to a deluge of media criticism unleashed on the students.  A longer video of the incident put the event into perspective and showed that the students had done nothing wrong. McMurtry stated around the time of the lawsuit, "For the mob to just go tear apart a 16-year-old boy is inexcusable.  They rushed to condemn and vilify this young man by burying him in an avalanche of false...(Read Full Article)
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