The Unusual COVID-19 Political Phenomenon

On March 25, 2020, American Thinker published a pilot article titled: “Political structure of coronavirus victims: Which party is in power by state,” in which, for the first time, a very unusual phenomenon was observed.  In particular, this article analyzed how the Chinese coronavirus cases in the United States are split among Democrat-governed and Republican-governed states.  The easily trackable party affiliation of a state’s governor was used as a criterion. To everybody’s surprise, for each coronavirus case in Republican-governed states, there are approximately four (!) coronavirus cases in Democrat-governed states.  For example, the ratio for March 24, 2020, was 83% vs. 17%. We are talking here about the relative, not the absolute numbers of coronavirus cases. In other words, we analyze the number of cases in Republican-governed or Democrat-governed states divided by the total number of cases. To analyze this phenomenon further, we...(Read Full Article)
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