President Trump Stands Tall

Amid the confusion, fear, and uncertainty surrounding the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic in the United States, one thing is obvious: this country is astonishingly fortunate to have Donald Trump as our president. In predictably trite, small-minded fashion, the liberal media and clueless Democratic politicians have treated the pandemic as nothing more than an opportunity to score shallow political points against President Trump.  All manner of "Trump has blood on his hands" and "His Pollyanna-ish downplaying of the scope of the crisis at the beginning cost us valuable time" comments and criticism have been forthcoming on an almost daily basis from the usual suspects.  Although he hasn't been perfect (there's no such thing), such criticism is blatantly unfounded.  The president has acted swiftly and surely and taken concrete steps to counter the outbreak right from the beginning.  Certainly, his travel...(Read Full Article)
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