March Madness 2020: Day-by-Day

On Facebook, a more civil medium than Twitter, I chronicled the passage of this unusual month of March without any idea at the beginning how mad it would actually get towards the end. So much has happened so quickly I thought it might be worth a summary. March 1: “There is much to be said for old white men, but when you claim to be the party of "diversity," and Joe Biden is the youngest of your three viable candidates, all eyeball deep in white privilege, the ‘optics’ aren't exactly great.” March 4: “Missouri’s primary is open, meaning you don’t have to declare your party affiliation ahead of time. Just show up to your polling place and ask for the party ballot you want. Personally, I'm feeling the Bern!” March 4: I also posted an article to promote the novel I co-wrote with Mike McMullen called The Hunt.  We wrote the novel in part to give young men something other than the “routinely effete,...(Read Full Article)
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