How Can We Obtain Herd Immunity?

Herd immunity is when enough members of a population (a herd, so to speak), are immune from a disease, so that a person with the disease infects fewer than one other person.  Once there is herd immunity, outbreaks of the disease taper off rather than grow exponentially. There are three ways for a person to gain immunity from a particular disease.  They can be born not suspectable to the disease, they can receive an effective vaccination for the disease, or they can get the disease and recover, in the case of many diseases. We can do nothing about whether or not someone is born with immunity for a particular disease.  In the current situation there is no vaccine yet for the Wuhan coronavirus.  So, the only way one an acquire immunity is to get the disease and recover from it. Until a vaccine is developed, the only way to obtain herd immunity from the coronavirus is for enough people to have gotten the Wuhan virus and to have recovered from...(Read Full Article)
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