How America Should Look after Corona

Whether or not the coronavirus turns out to be as deadly as stated — and I certainly think its ravages are blown horrifically out of proportion — there will have to be a cogent plan to pick the economy up after this societal shutdown.  The economy may be in critical condition — and that condition will have been self-inflicted. Some suggestions: A TARIFF ON OIL — Some major world oil-producing nations have decided to get into a price war.  Such a war has the potential to do severe damage to America's growing oil production from fracking.  This has been aggravated all the worse by the corona panic, where there is a fear that an oil glut will force some producers to actually pay customers to take excess oil off their hands. There is no way that America should sacrifice its burgeoning oil wealth to this crisis.  A tariff on any crude oil that comes into the U.S. that is under $55 a barrel should be...(Read Full Article)
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