Give Hydroxychloroquine a Chance

Controversy swirls around whether hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin ("H&A") should be used to treat people who have the Wuhan virus.  Setting aside for now all the qualifications that for good reason are used whenever discussing the question (qualifications like "after consultation between the patient and the doctor" and "administered according to a well established protocol"), the core issue is whether or not to use a treatment that has shown positive results for some and has not shown obviously negative results for any. Given the standard medical diktat that the first obligation of a health care worker is to do no harm, there is a case to be made that H&A treatment should be withheld until properly designed clinical trials have established to a high level of certainty that the treatment has a significantly more positive effect on patient health than it does negative.  There are, however, two good reasons to challenge...(Read Full Article)
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