For Small Businesses, the Stimulus Package is Just a Start

Rare events call for even rarer outcomes. Congress has come together to unanimously pass a record-breaking $2 trillion stimulus package designed to keep the country open and prevent any further financial collapse. This is good news for small business owners -- but what exactly does it mean for your business? Here’s What’s in the Stimulus Package It’s not very often that Congress can unimously agree on a bipartisan deal -- especially one that amounts to more than 40 percent of the 2020 federal budget. Yet despite some last-minute tension and challenges, it appears that this bill is going to be passed and enacted -- potentially staving off a massive recession (or even depression). The question is, what exactly is inside the bill? Well, without going through the hundreds of pages and line items in detail, here’s a look at who’s getting what: Unemployment benefits on steroids. Unemployed individuals are eligible to receive an extra $600 per...(Read Full Article)
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