Does America Need Journalists?

Chris Cillizza of CNN sent one of the most unintentionally hilarious posts into the Twittersphere when he proudly displayed his new (and ugly) sweater that read "America Needs Journalists." Apart from the obvious tone-deafness of the message being sent at a time when most Americans would gladly trade the entire CNN staff for a single grocery store worker, trucker, medic, or just about anything else, this intrepid CNN American hero stumbled upon a sentiment that conservatives can fully get behind.  America does need journalists.  Too bad we have so few of them. Irony is never quite as thick as when journalists are preening about themselves, fretting about democracy dying in darkness or patting themselves on the back for their extreme courage and manifest importance.  For today's journalists who follow the Acosta/Cillizza model, why report on a story when you can make yourself one? All Americans would benefit from real...(Read Full Article)
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