Does a Health Emergency Give Government the Extraordinary Power to Violate Our Rights?

Over at the Daily Wire, author and podcast host Andrew Klavan concludes his article, “On Computer Models, Socialism, and Other Garbage,” with the following challenge to his readers [emphasis added]: And the next time some AOC-type knucklehead starts screaming about their computer models on the climate and how we need to destroy our way of life and our freedoms to accommodate their Green New Schemes and Dreams, and then tells us that we’re denying “science” if we refuse to panic and instead stand fast and defend our Constitution, I think we need to show them our model, which looks remarkably like a great big middle finger and comes with a caption: “Model this.” As defenses of our constitutional rights go, that seems passionate enough.  Unfortunately, a preceding paragraph of his article includes the following sentences: “I am not someone who has screamed and yelled about the loss of civil rights during quarantine. Even in a...(Read Full Article)
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