Democrat Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) Escalates Corona Spread

How ironic that Bill DeBlasio, New York City’s mayor, who designated his city a sanctuary city, and Governor Andrew Cuomo, who designated New York a sanctuary state, both in defiance of federal orders, have blamed the federal government for not supplying all of their hospital and other state needs. These two, among other prominent Democrat mayors and governors who for many years virtue-signaled and put the rest of the country in jeopardy --- claiming it is not the fed's business what they do in their states --- suddenly have relinquished city and state responsibility for the conditions in their jurisdictions. Virus protection is the federal government’s obligation, they bellow. These same mayors and governors who proudly stood in the way of ICE, the federal government’s agency for protecting our borders and citizens from illegal immigrant criminality, were blithely willing to endanger the rest of the country by arrogating to themselves all power....(Read Full Article)
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