An Eyewitness Perspective on How South Korea Tackled the COVID-19 Virus

While the Trump administration is forecasting some 100 - 240k or more deaths from the coronavirus scare (and lots of hell) over the next few weeks, South Korea is well on its way in sliding out of its bell curve since the middle of March. South Korea was also hit pretty hard with this virus, being right next door to China. The people recovering, graphed in the green color, are now also biting deeply into the blue of those who are still sick. Those who have died are colored in red in between the green and the blue. Officially, as of April 3rd, about 10,062 were hit with the virusand 174 died, with more than 6,021 who have now recovered and some 3,979 who are still sick. Screenshot from Minfin - Everyone is still working and schools are in session. How did they do this? I have been in and out of South Korea several times over the last number of years, and I do have a contact friend there who...(Read Full Article)
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