A Look at How South America Is Handling COVID-19

At this moment, a cruise ship up from Antarctica, the Greg Mortimer, is stuck off the coast of Uruguay with a bunch of Australians who really want to get back home.  Uruguay's March 13 emergency decree in response to the COVID-19 pandemic is not the strictest in South America in terms of rules for distancing and mandatory quarantines (which are applied only for those who test positive), but the decree includes a prohibition that anyone disembark from any cruise or commercial ship arriving from a "high-risk" area.  Now, why a ship coming up from Antarctica would be considered high-risk seems like a reach, but we have to note that the ship was scheduled to visit the Patagonian port of Ushuaia on March 20, this after its visit to the South Shetland, South Georgia, and Falkland Islands.  At that time, there were three reported cases of the coronavirus in Ushuaia but evidently none in the Falklands (only penguins and seals on Georgia and...(Read Full Article)
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