We Have Missed Key Lessons from the Downfall of Venezuela

As the coronavirus dominates the news and populations are increasingly restricted to their homes, staple items disappear from supermarket shelves.  Buyers hoard toilet paper and many other products.   Commentators respond by ridiculing and criticizing the hoarders.  We accuse them of taking supplies needed by seniors.  We yell at them when we see them with their loaded shopping carts.  We lecture them that toilet paper has nothing to do with the virus.  We demand that the government prosecute them for something.  We appeal for calm.  Celebrities and politicians join the chorus.  Stores have responded by limiting purchases of certain items. News commentators have asked why the stores cannot keep up with the demand.  We wonder when the new shipments will arrive.  Truck-drivers delivering supplies have become the new heroes.  News of new shipments dominates...(Read Full Article)
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