Planning for 'Peace' in Afghanistan

In the face of a standoff between Ashraf Ghani and Abdurrashid Dostum -- each of whom is determined to be considered the duly elected president of Afghanistan, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo went to Kabul to provide one last push toward a single government that could negotiate with the Taliban.  It didn’t happen. Pompeo announced his disappointment and a cut of $1 billion in aid to Afghanistan for 2021, but fell short of throwing in the towel. "We're hopeful, frankly, they'll get their act together,” he said. “And we won't have to [cut the aid], but we are prepared to do that if they can't." Mr. Pompeo is taking the next step in setting conditions for the United States to end its presence in Afghanistan. The only people who thought the U.S.-Taliban “peace plan” announced earlier this year was supposed to bring peace between the Taliban and the Afghan government were the people who think a “peace plan” will do...(Read Full Article)
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