Coronavirus Apocalypse Now

Mark Twain, on hearing an American newspaper had prematurely published his obituary, clarified matters by saying, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Some things do not change.  False reports abound in a time of national and international panic.  As Dr. Deborah Birx pointed out in her recent report on the coronavirus, it turns out that British scientist Dr. Neil Ferguson’s initial model for the death rate from coronavirus was severely exaggerated.  He has since walked back his dire predictions.  His retraction comes after many governments adopted draconian measures to protect the public from his scenarios of death and destruction. Although the good news was disappointing for true believers actively desiring a Malthusian apocalypse, the rest of those who have been in lockdown now see a ray of sunshine through their metaphorically boarded windows. History will judge whether or not Dr....(Read Full Article)
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