Lee Smith's Book Will Make Patriots' Blood Boil

Lee Smith: The Plot against the President.  Center Street: New York, 2019.  368 pp., $17.34 hardcover, $14.99 Kindle. Lee Smith's The Plot against the President is an invaluable contribution to the history of America in the Trump era.  Built upon the role and perspective of California congressman Devin Nunes as the tip of the spear that would unravel and expose the coup plot and its co-conspirators, it's a thorough chronicling of how the traditional American-bred gut instinct of a San Joaquin Valley, California farmer provided the spark of discernment that ultimately uncovered the lies and liars who perpetrated (and are still perpetrating) the worst scandal in American history. Every congressman and senator, and every American voter, ought to read Smith's book.  Americans who detest President Trump's personality and decorum will remain free to continue, but if they are honest, they will be absolutely repelled by...(Read Full Article)
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